May 25, 2018

Niagara Wedding Photographer: Melanie and Josh are married

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On mother natures last blast of winter weather this year, Melanie and Josh said “I do” in front of their closest family and friends. I could, of course, go on about the flowers, hair and decor… but I’d rather share with you the story of Melanie and Josh. The couple has known each other for years, would you believe Josh was Melanie’s youth leader when they were just tweens? Time would have the couple parting ways for many years. Separated, the bride and groom built lives of their own. But life has a funny way of changing the paths we are journeying on. Struggle and hard times came along, eventually leading life back to each other through the power of social media. Together, the family has blended two into one, and it has been so much fun and such an honour getting to know the couples gorgeous kids.

It was said at Josh’s and Melanie’s wedding that is no such thing as “steps” in a blended family. There is no “step brother” or “step dad.” The only steps in a home are those that lead up the stairs. I wish you both, Melanie and Josh, an incredible journey not only as husband and wife, but as the amazing parents you are!

All my love,

~ Andrea

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