November 15, 2017

Niagara Wedding Photographer: Creating a Head Table worth Photographing

If there is one thing I LOVE about photographing weddings, it’s wedding decor! There is always so much thought and detail put into this process, and so much uniqueness to each couple too! Wedding decor is a key element to bringing your wedding day vision to life, and to sharing with your guests and family a more detailed taste of your own personality, likes and passions. One decor highlight, of course, is the head table. This is the main focal point of your reception space. The area that your guests are not only drawn to upon entering the room, but frequently during the evening as, of course, this is where you will be seated, and you are who they came to see!

So how do you create a space that is not only appeasing to the eye, delightful for guests, and ALSO convenient for photographers to capture priceless images? Today we will share a few tips on creating a head table worth photographing and remembering for years to come.

We begin with the head table for a more modest reception hall and a smaller wedding party. The “King’s Table” style is a unique option for saving space and creating an intimate space for you to chat and laugh with members of your wedding party. With the bride and groom sitting at the head of the King Table, this creates an easy access for the photographer to capture expressions during speeches. Consider layering candles, florals and greenery for added depth and interest to the table.

More and more these days, I am seeing larger wedding party’s! A large wedding party can be fun, entertaining and challenging all wrapped into one! How do you seat THAT many people? Consider with larger wedding parties, layering your head table. Using multiple long tables, one more raised than the other, or one large with a few smaller tables. Remember to always keep the bride and groom at the top as they are the focus of the head table and should always be most visible for photography needs!

Using your ceremony florals as an addition to your head table is ALWAYS a great idea, keeping in mind they should be placed to the side or behind the head table again as not to obstruct the view of the bride and groom!

Using professional linens for your backdrop, or creative archways, lighting etc can not only add additional appeal to the head table, but also cover up any reception hall decor you may find not pleasant to the eye. Selecting a white linen not only creates a clean fresh look, it also acts as a lovely reflector for light, often allowing flash to illuminate even more in a dark reception space.

One final head table consideration you may want to have, is the “sweet heart” table. This is an intimate space for you and your partner to enjoy the evening together, sharing sometimes private conversations without interruption from other members of the bridal party. This option also allows the members of your party, to sit and enjoy their meal with their special loved ones too! Regardless of head table size, always remember to keep florals low as not to block the vision of the bride and groom.

We hope you enjoyed our head table tips, enjoy your meal, and keep smiling!

~ Andrea


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