January 12, 2017

Niagara Wedding Photographer: Andrea’s Impressions Studio Tour

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Today we are taking you on a mini tour of one of my most favourite spaces in the world… Andrea’s Impressions Studio. This is the home of a warm cup of coffee, the exciting reveal of images captured at a wedding, and lots and lots of the sweetest love stories you ever did hear! Thanks so much for joining us!
(Gorgeous bridal bouquet from Ooh La La Designs)


I’m so excited to welcome you into this space that I am so very proud and so very in love with.
Our first stop is what I like to call “The Comfy Corner.” This is where my clients will sit, enjoy a cup of something warm and share their wedding day photography dreams with me. I have also nick named this “The Corner of Confessions.” I’ve heard many true confessions such as “We’ve heard horror stories of our friends not getting their wedding photos for months and months, how long will it take us to get our photos from you?” I’ve also heard the odd confession, “Mom, I got into a fight at school.” But that’s a whole other post! Next stop… the my studios junkyard.

Continuing on our studio tour, we travel across the room to what I like to call my “Junk Station.” Don’t be fooled by the neat and tidy shelves, they are jammed pack with… heavens knows what.
The rag banner affectionally hanging from my window is a small leftover from a special wedding show I was in a couple of years ago.
I combat stinky dinner smells in my studio with my Scentsy Camera burner, or on days I prefer a most natural approach, I diffuse my doTerra oils in my Saje Wellness diffuser.
Above all, I take MOST PRIDE in my air plant that proudly sits in a white milk glass jar that was purchased at Oliver and Rust. The first plant I haven’t killed in many years, and a true testament of the growth and hard work I pour into my business, every single day

Niagara wedding photographer

We pick up our tour where… wait for it…. all the magic happens! My desk is the home of where all of our wedding images are imported, edited (exclusively by myself) and exported.
Somewhere between my second and third year of business, I switched to exclusive Apple computer products. Despite many frustrations and days when I thought I may cause physical harm to either myself or my iMac, I now how an immense love for this machine and its exceptional power.
Surrounded by ‘the machine’ are the minions. The little people who drive so much love and inspiration into my world. My son, who, without him I am so sure I would not sparkle or shine each day. And of course, my beloved Rascal. Rascal journeyed to heaven a year and a half ago. He was the only apprentice worthy of spending every second in the studio with me. He brought so much comfort and companionship to me in my little space. I keep his photo within eyes reach to remind me, he’s always still there with me.
So what if all of this makes you sick, my art form is not for you, and spending another second in my studio may just be the death of you… HOW DO YOU GET OUT?


We end our tour of Andrea’s Impressions Photography studio with, the obvious… THE EXIT. Adjacent to the studio door is a moderate sized window. This window lets in a beautiful amount of day light. I optimize my computer screen to adjust its brightness to the amount of light flowing through the window. I believe it helps me to better control the bright and soft editing style that my clients and prospective clients most enjoy my talent for.
Between the door and window are of course more studio samples and my favourite social media print created exclusively for me by Defining Moments Stationary.
To the right of the exit door is a gift print received from a family member. It reminds me daily that no one piece of equipment is in control of this studios or businesses destiny. The success and growth of Andrea’s Impressions lies solely on myself and the willingness to work hard and succeed.
I love to talk photography and I love to talk LOVE and
I would love to have you over one day for a warm cup of coffee. Can’t wait to see you here soon!

Niagara wedding photographer

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