October 28, 2016

Niagara Wedding Photographer: Amanda & Geoff are Married

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I begin this post on the day of my 10th year wedding anniversary, and so as a disclaimer, I am far more emotional and sentimental than the very emotional and sentimental self I am. By now, I have been to well over 100 weddings, and to date, my most favorite is still my own. Second to the day I delivered my son, it was and still is one of the happiest days of my life. I remember it so clearly in so many ways. A cool overcast day in the fall, an abundance of pumpkins galore, and the rich tones of red, orange and yellow flowers that decorated our reception brought so much autumn joy, it truly was a day full of celebration.

At the beginning of October this year, I had the pleasure of photographing Geoff and Amanda’s wedding, and in the same sense, it was as if I was stepping back 10 years to my own wedding. The same stunning colour palate, the same sweet fall details, the same warm loving family. Amanda and her father even work in the same occupation as my husband, if felt almost like going home. It was a perfect fit.

I was delighted to be photographing this gorgeous wedding at Honsberger Estate Winery. Tragically, the weather was threatening rain and storms all day, and I feared for an indoor ceremony and huddling under awnings and covered roofs. Out of some sheer luck, and a little help from above, the weather turned out magically perfect and not a single drop of rain fell for the entire day.

An intimate and emotional ceremony led by the grooms step father took place in the gorgeous grounds of Honsberger followed by a wine toast by the couples dear friend and groomsmen. During formal photography, guests enjoyed appetizers including sliders, and tacos surrounded by the vineyard and intimate peacefulness of the venue.

The rustic barn of Honsberger was transformed into an Autumn wonderland with oversized centrepieces of red, yellow and orange carnations, roses and Gerber’s, accented with fresh greenery. Complimentary gold lined dishes and chivari chairs gave the element of perfect sophistication.

Guests took home a most delicious fresh apple with caramel dipping sauce as their thank you gift, and as if the sinful four course meal was not enough, an all you can it… ready for it, donut buffet was served in lieu of a wedding cake from Paula’s donuts all the way across the border.

The dance floor opened up under the twinkling night lights to the sweet sounds of Liquid Entertainment and the party lasted well into the evening.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Geoff and Amanda, I had an absolutely wonderful time photographing your wedding, meeting ALL of your family, and of course sharing in your love for one another.

Love Andrea

Wedding Venue- Honsberger Estate

DJ- Liquid Entertainment

Bridal makeup- Beyoutiful Brides

Flowers- Family friend

Officiant- Family member

Donuts- Paula’s Donuts

Second Photographer- Renee Samantha Photography
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