November 13, 2017

London England Engagement Session: Part 1

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Photographing an engagement session in London, England was like a dream come true for me. If there are two things I love most in this world it is WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY and TRAVELLING and when the two of them collide together in the perfect harmony, its like angels are singing from heaven above.  I wanted to share this story with you in a two part series. The first part will be how the dickens I ended up photographing the session in the first place, how I found a couple to do it with, how I decided on a location and how a young lady from the country made her way, on her own, to one of the busiest vacation destinations in world! The second part, of course, will be the session and the GORGEOUS couple who made it all happen!

So, it all began with an email. No, I’m sorry, it all began with my husband and I planning our annual family fall vacation. We chose a United Kingdom tour last January that had us begin in London, we would travel all the way up to Scotland and then finish off in London again.

And then, on October 6th, less than a month to the date we were to leave to go to England, came this email…

Well, doesn’t she sound lovely… and wait… what? She lives in England! Right away, I’m dreaming up big time! But hold on, lets not get too excited! A handful of emails back and fourth and a Skype date was planned. A delightful Skype conversation led to a full booking a couple of days later and the stage was set. I proposed the idea of an engagement session to Tiffany and Dave, and much to my delight they were just as excited about the idea as I was! EEEEEK! This was really going to happen!

I selected Westminster Bridge for the location of the session, it was only a short subway ride for both myself and Tiffany and Dave to meet at. Where should be plan to meet? At the Bottom of Big Ben …. lol of COURSE!

I used google maps… A LOT to help me find out EXACTLY what subway route to take to Westminster Bridge, and to make sure I wasn’t late. I HATE being late!!!

The morning of the session, it was unfortunately raining, and cold, as I often understand it is in November in London. But today, we are not cancelling this session. There is no other time to reschedule it is today, or never. I was SO nervous and SO excited all at the same time! Remember, I had only met Tiffany and Dave over Skype, I was riding the subway on my own, and I was photographing at a brand new place I had never been to in my life. (Which is an absolute no/no… we ALWAYS scope out the scene first!) 8 am was session time, but first stop was OBVIOUSLY ….

Arriving off of the Westminster line the first thing I saw was the GORGEOUS parliament buildings.

I knew this well ahead of time, but tragically, this was the site of Big Ben. Almost completely covered in scaffolding. It is estimated he will remain this way for the next 4 years.

I was greeted at 8am sharp to Tiffany and Dave in ear to ear smiles just as we planned at the Bottom of Big Ben. And as if it felt like seeing old friends again, we exchanged a big hug, some laughs and many wonderful stories.

And, of course, we had an incredibly BEAUTIFUL engagement session just as I had always dreamed of.

This is an image I took a couple hours later from the top of a Big Bus tour (which I HIGHLY recommend) that shares with you a better idea of the area of Parliament, Big Ben, and Westminster Bridge we photographed on. To the immediate right of this image is the London Eye.

I fell, absolutely IN LOVE with London. I loved the history, the food, the people and the architecture. I dreamed of living there, being a full time photographer there, and spending the rest of my life there. But home will ALWAYS be where my family and dog are and so, Niagara it is! And thats ok, NIAGARA is so gorgeous too!

One last final thank you, to Tiffany and Dave who made a dream come true for me. Your kindness and friendship means the world to me! I can’t wait for your wedding in Ridgeway next June!


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